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How to Print Label

Here is how to print the provide name label from Brick Display Case.

Step 1: Print a name on A4 paper by manual feed

Open a new document by MS Word. Set the font type, size, and etc ... Below is my recommendation setting. You can do you own setting.
Type a name, and then print by manual feed.

Step 2: Fix the label on top of printed name by tape

After print out the name on A4 paper by manual feed. Draw a horizontal line on top and bottom of the name, and draw a vertical line on left and right edge of the name. The lines are used to make sure the size of the name is able to fit into the label size, and also can help you to locate the label position.
After that fix the label on top of the name by tape, and then reprint it by manual feed.

Note: Please make sure your printer is well adjusted. So that every time you can print the name in the same position of the paper by manual feed.

If you still found it is too difficult to print on the provided name labels, you may consider to buy an uncut A5, or A4 size blank label sheet. Directly print name on the label sheet, and then cut it to name plate size.

A5 Size Blank Label Sheet

A4 Size Blank Label Sheet

If you need more name labels, you may buy a name label sheet.

Label Sheet with 112 Name Labels

     Brick Display Case (22)
     Lego Minifigures Series (231)
     Lego Marvel Super Heroes (38)
     Lego DC Super Heroes (19)
     Lego Minifigure Others (36)
     Kre-O Transformers Kreon (3)
How To Print Label
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