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A4 Size Blank Label Sheet
Around 210 x 297 mm

A4 Size Blank Label Sheet

A4 Size Blank Label Sheet
A4 Size Blank Label Sheet A4 Size Blank Label Sheet

Product: A4 size blank label sheet
Size: Around 210 x 297 mm

This is a piece of uncut blank label with size of A4 (around 210 x 297 mm). This piece of blank label is perfect for name label printing, and can fit on a A4 paper printer. Since the label is uncut, you can directly print a name on the sheet first, and then cut it to a suitable size for the name plate of display case. The size of name plate is 8 x 24 mm.

For details of name label printing setting, you may have look of How to Print Label page.

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How To Print Label
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